Friday, February 11, 2011


So this morning Cole asks if I can bring him to school early.  Sure, so long as you actually wash your hair and brush your teeth and be ready by 7.  (He tends to just take a water shower, and I'm not home when he gets out so I can't make him go back in there, and I find out  he didn't wash his hair when I get home from work)  Anyway, so we go on our way, and I see a cop sitting in a parking lot.  I was going a tad bit over.  I start to slow down, but then let the hill take me.  OOPS, there's those lights, right as we pull into the school driveway.  Sigh. 

Its cold, so I start my power windows going down.  The cold makes them go REAALLLY slow.  The cop makes a joke about it.  Really nice officer :)  So I was going about 8 or 9 over, thankfully not enough to get a ticket!  I did get a written warning though.  I jokingly blamed Cole, cause I don't usually take him to school. He didn't think that was very funny, but knew I was kidding.  Cole was properly belted in the front seat (matching the height, weight and age requirements), but I was not.  Amazingly, nothing was said about me not being buckled up. 

Looks like I got off really easy this time!  THIS TIME!!  Will keep better track of the speed limit and my speed from now on......  It's been 5 years since I got a speeding ticket.....  I'd like to never get one again!


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