Friday, May 6, 2011


I started this blog to post once a week... OOPS... Well we are busy with getting ready to move next weekend can't wait!!!  Once we get settled in I should have more time :)  Here's a few updates....

I can't seem to stop eating too much and too much junk.  Hoping things will get better once we move...

Ben and I are now both on the Mazo EMS :)  So that will be great for Ben to have something to do now :)

The school finally set up an IEP for Cole, they took him out of Tech Ed and into a study skills class and he seems to like that.  I had something like that in High School and it truly saved me.  He also seems to be having a change of heart about his science teacher, or maybe now that he has an IEP his science teacher is not being such a jerk... who knows, either way he seems to have a better attitude towards the teacher.

Kaylan still isn't talking but is still learning more and more signs every day.  Last count she was at over 150!  She's stringing 2 and sometimes 3 words together and the Speech Therapist is very impressed and wants us to continue encouraging sentences with signs while we encourage more verbal responses as well.  She can sign lion, tiger and bear and now uh oh so I'm going to try to get her to string those together in a video :)  We'll see if she cooperates.