Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well hello!

I was reading a friends blog, and remembered I have one too!  I've been WAY too busy to think about it though.  Shortly after we moved (love the place, just wish it was closer to the city)  I found out I had hypothyroidism.  It's been a rough road, I'm constantly tired, can't think half the time.  I forget EVERYTHING and am pretty unproductive cause I'm so tired.  I check my levels every 6-8 weeks and we keep upping my dose.  I just want to feel like myself again.

In other news, online schooling didn't work out as planned for Cole, especially with my health issues.  So we sent him back to regular school last week.  So far so good it seems!

Kaylan is up to THREE words!  Hi, kitty, and who :)  She's signing like a pro, just where she should be in speech.  I wish we knew more people who used ASL so she could get more practice with forming sentences and communicating with kids her age.  Oh well.  She knows all her letters, some numbers, most colors.  She is too cute. 

Until next time (hopefully a tad more often...)

Friday, May 6, 2011


I started this blog to post once a week... OOPS... Well we are busy with getting ready to move next weekend can't wait!!!  Once we get settled in I should have more time :)  Here's a few updates....

I can't seem to stop eating too much and too much junk.  Hoping things will get better once we move...

Ben and I are now both on the Mazo EMS :)  So that will be great for Ben to have something to do now :)

The school finally set up an IEP for Cole, they took him out of Tech Ed and into a study skills class and he seems to like that.  I had something like that in High School and it truly saved me.  He also seems to be having a change of heart about his science teacher, or maybe now that he has an IEP his science teacher is not being such a jerk... who knows, either way he seems to have a better attitude towards the teacher.

Kaylan still isn't talking but is still learning more and more signs every day.  Last count she was at over 150!  She's stringing 2 and sometimes 3 words together and the Speech Therapist is very impressed and wants us to continue encouraging sentences with signs while we encourage more verbal responses as well.  She can sign lion, tiger and bear and now uh oh so I'm going to try to get her to string those together in a video :)  We'll see if she cooperates. 



Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello!  It's been a while, and I know I said I would keep up on this, but we have been busy at work, and too many other internet things to do when I actually get a moment to get on after Kaylan goes to bed :)

We found a house to rent!  It's an old piece of work, but it has 3 bedrooms, 4 if you count the attic sized but midget doored room on the second floor.  There is a fireplace, an open kitchen, a YARD, and, maybe best of all, the CREEK is in the backyard!  But far enough away that Kaylan shouldn't get close without us right beside her. 

Cole is failing most of his classes.  Big surprise there :/  Really can't wait to try online schooling.  Cole has stated how he feels so demoralized by his teachers (his words) that why should he even bother.  He's excited about online schooling because everything will be right at home where he needs it and harder to get lost/not turned in.  But we have to wait until we move to do the online schooling because there simply isn't any room for the equipment/books/whatnot. 

Kaylan will be 2 in less than a week.  Still NO words.  But she is still learning and using more signs each week.  I haven't been quite keeping up with her progress, but she definitely is progressing.  The other day we were outside and the ball rolled in a puddle.  She signed ball, water, and dirty.  I almost missed it cause she did it slow.  But she did it, a definite spontaneous 3 word sentence!  Further proof that there is nothing "wrong" with her. 

So thats my little update for to tide you over for a bit....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching, decisions

I am in the midst of giving up on finding a decent place to live.  We hope to move May 1, our lease is up at the end of May.  But the pickings are slim for 3 bedroom <$900/month within 20 minutes of my work.  Originally we wanted a house or duplex.  Those are very few and very far between for renting.  So we broadened our search, including towns/cities we hadn't considered before and even apartments.  And today I added condos.  I would rather not buy, I don't think I can afford if something goes wrong.  But I think a condo townhouse might be somewhere compromising between a house and an apartment. 

I know we have a month and a half, but I'm getting anxious not knowing if we are going to find a place.  I'm hoping the renting market opens up as spring springs!  We NEED to get out of this place!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been sick.  *Just* a common cold.  But man is it kicking my head.  And my lungs, but mostly my head.  The pressure oh!  My eyes burn.  The gunk in my lungs will move on breathing in, but not coughing out.  If I don't take some medicine, its near unbearable.  If I do, I feel medicated.  Not drowsy, I can handle that, but almost jittery.  But oh well, I must breathe and not feel like my eyes will explode. 

So anyway, no long post about anything in particular, just woe is me.  Time to take some NyQuil and hope to sleep better than last night.  Gotta love winter.....


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Try try again...

Yes my last post about weight loss was very.... negative.  I still believe every word.  But again, I won't give up, I can't give up, I MUST keep trying again.  I was doing Weight Watchers this last round, but don't think I'll continue tracking and whatnot.  I find I eat the same things every day.  All I need to do is cut out the junk I eat when PMSing (and it would help so much if I could just never PMS again!) and have portion control at supper time, and I WILL lose weight.  My problem isn't not knowing what to do, or eating healthier, cause I do, its just STAYING CONSISTENT with not adding junk to the food I eat (like chips and a candy bar after my peanut butter and honey on wheat sandwich thins lunch), and not eating 3 bowls of supper.  Exercising would help, but that will have to wait until we move.

So, now that I'm done PMSing, its time to try again.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Signing with Kaylan

Kaylan is at almost 100 signs!!  So a friend asked me to make a video of her signing :)  here you go!  (I didn't sign any of the signs I asked her to sign, this is all Kaylan :)