Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching, decisions

I am in the midst of giving up on finding a decent place to live.  We hope to move May 1, our lease is up at the end of May.  But the pickings are slim for 3 bedroom <$900/month within 20 minutes of my work.  Originally we wanted a house or duplex.  Those are very few and very far between for renting.  So we broadened our search, including towns/cities we hadn't considered before and even apartments.  And today I added condos.  I would rather not buy, I don't think I can afford if something goes wrong.  But I think a condo townhouse might be somewhere compromising between a house and an apartment. 

I know we have a month and a half, but I'm getting anxious not knowing if we are going to find a place.  I'm hoping the renting market opens up as spring springs!  We NEED to get out of this place!!!