Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boredom is time consuming

Almost a year ago, we finally joined the rest of the world using the internet at home, and I promptly joined Facebook.  I found it to be a great boredom buster.  I found friends I hadn't talked to in forever, got to look at tons of pictures, and see what everyone was up to over the years (and randomly throughout the day).  I kept getting these game invites though.  They were really annoying.  Whats the big deal about Farmville?  Ugh.  But... One day... I was BORED.  The house was clean, Kaylan was napping, Cole was off with friends.  Ben was on call or playing his xBox.  No one was talking on Babycenter (another boredom buster)

Soo... I tried Farmville.  Oh hey this is kinda fun.  It'll keep me busy when I'm bored.  Soon after, I was addicted.  NOT neglect your kids addicted, but maybe delay the dishes addicted.  One day, I realized how time consuming it was.  It wasn't just a boredom buster, it was a big time consumer.  My farm got big, it took a while to farm it.  You have to get the crops by a certain time, or they will wither.  Oh whats this, now there are things to build.  And animals to harvest.  And gifts from friends!  I need to help other farms so I can get more stuff.

And so on.  I had to cut back!  I try to only spend a few minutes a day on it now (ok maybe ten).  I have other things to consume my time.  You know, my kids.  My messy home.  So I decided to only be on the internet at home after the kids had gone to bed.  Originally, and supper was thrown in there, but since Kaylan won't sit in the highchair for me, I've stuck with bedtime.  And when I can on the weekends, but Kaylan usually says no.

But about 2 weeks ago... I got bored again... and came on Blogger...............................................


PS: what are YOUR boredom busters?  (turned time consumers?)


  1. I don't play the games for the same reason you have cut back. My sister would actually set her alarm so that she would remember to harvest her crops. CA-RAZY!
    I blog a couple of days out of the week and I read daily.

  2. Ha ha no timers here! Especially to wake me up, I value my sleep!