Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well hello!

I was reading a friends blog, and remembered I have one too!  I've been WAY too busy to think about it though.  Shortly after we moved (love the place, just wish it was closer to the city)  I found out I had hypothyroidism.  It's been a rough road, I'm constantly tired, can't think half the time.  I forget EVERYTHING and am pretty unproductive cause I'm so tired.  I check my levels every 6-8 weeks and we keep upping my dose.  I just want to feel like myself again.

In other news, online schooling didn't work out as planned for Cole, especially with my health issues.  So we sent him back to regular school last week.  So far so good it seems!

Kaylan is up to THREE words!  Hi, kitty, and who :)  She's signing like a pro, just where she should be in speech.  I wish we knew more people who used ASL so she could get more practice with forming sentences and communicating with kids her age.  Oh well.  She knows all her letters, some numbers, most colors.  She is too cute. 

Until next time (hopefully a tad more often...)