Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, I was going to post about Sign Language and how it has helped our family, but boy it was a long day!  I don't think I can make that coherent of a post tonight ;) 

We got our tax refund yesterday, and spent the day shopping!  Ben and I got new clothes (me more than him) and a new mattress, and a new TV!!  Our old one was ANCIENT.  Its 26 in, so a bit smaller than our old one, but thats OK :)  Cole got a new mattress and new socks.  Kaylan.... got a battery operated bubble blower!  But it scares her, cause it sounds like the vacuum....

Here's a picture of Cole and Kaylan at the mattress store.  Its kinda bad quality cause its from my phone...

But they were having a good time.  Well goodnight, I'm off to watch Big Bang Theory with Ben :)


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