Monday, January 31, 2011


Do you know anyone that doesn't like bubbles?  I mean, sure, sometimes they can be messy, or you might get dizzy from blowing so much, but bubbles are so much fun!  My mom used to use dish soap and water, sometimes it worked out well, sometimes not.  Miracle Bubbles for Cole.  Then they came out with Gazillion.  Fun, lots of bubbles!  But kinda pricey...

This weekend we bought Kaylan a bubble blower.  Within 5 minutes of showing her bubbles and the sign a week or so ago she had it down and was signing "bubbles please" and you really can't resist that.  So we got out the Dawn and water, and it worked fairly well.  Woo I was getting tired of blowing though!  So we got a bubble blower.  It came with Super Miracle Bubbles.  I was skeptical, but they worked really well!  TONS of bubbles!  $3 for a huge bottle!  Unfortunately, Kaylan was terrified of the sound, which was very vacuum-esque... But slowly Cole warmed her up to the sound.

By being his usual funny self, she can't help but not be scared :)  And she was able to have the wonder of bubbles without me hyperventilating....

And I think Cole was having more fun than her at times....  ;)


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